If you're looking for something to hang on the wall that's not a family photo (though we love those too!) Keep an eye out for when Dave gets his new photos up he might even put some up for sale again. Until then follow his morning photos at his FB page.

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First Book!

It's here!  The Book of Dave A New Path After a $17 Million Misstep is available in both Print and eBook!

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In Person Events

With The Book of Dave coming out soon this is the spot you'll want to keep your eye on for when and where there will be a book signing as many people have asked for one 🙂

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Dave & Christy

Our personal blog that we thought was funny enough to mention because you just can't make up some of the weird stuff that happens to us.

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This is your call to action...

You guys, yes, you!

Live, go have experiences, take a half hour every day for yourself even if it means getting up early, remember that money won't make you happy but memories and making them will.